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Hi everyone, hope your Tuesday is going well so far.

I’ve not written something like this before and seldom do I engage in efforts to raise money for any cause. Call me jaded but I don’t like knowing that my money will go towards administration fees and paying the livelihood of individuals I don’t know who work in the non-profit organizations I donate to. But this time…this time, things are different.

Renee Martin from Womanist Musings – a blog I frequent and whose writings I respect and admire – is raising money for a new mobility scooter. Renee’s writings give me inspiration, educate me and challenge me in radical ways. She hasn’t written anything in past few days and in those few days, I personally missed her presence in the blogosphere. Her blog creates a space like no other – for women of color like me to really think about how we live in this world and for everyone to fully question the larger systems of oppression that exist today.

I know many of you look up to me and to my writings and thoughts and for that, I thank you. But I’m not going to sit here and take full credit for my ideas. My ideas have been shaped by countless number of people along the way, most notably my professors, my friends and fellow writers I respect like Renee. To me, Renee is an inspiration – she writes with gusto and passion and unabashed bravery among the unforgiving feminist blogosphere. Her voice is invaluable in a sea of voices. She is an inspiration to me and if I have been an inspiration to you, then she has been an inspiration to you too.

If you have extra money and want to help her get a new mobility scooter, please visit her website.

If you wanted to take a look at some of Renee’s writings, here are some of my favorites:

Trayvon Martin and Fear in a Black Mother’s Heart

Men, Sexism and Faux Oppression

No Feminist Wedding for Me, Thank You – this one is not written by Renee but serves as an example of how she collaborates with other women of color writers and creates a space for everyone to engage respectfully and intellectually

Princess Hijab – again, not written by Renee but an example of how she collaborates with other writers and issues

Urban Fantasy: Escapism when the Real World has too many Minorities – this is from another one of her blogs that focus on urban fantasy. It’s great!



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  1. Thanks for these links, Syahidah. I especially liked the one about claims of white people being oppressed. I work with a person who does this regularly when he wants to put down First Nations people, who he claims do not know what is best for them.

    Also concerning the Urban Fantasy, the analysis sounds very much like analyses of film to which you have linked. Do you have a comment on a relationship between film and novel exclusions?

    • Ahh – that sounds so frustrating (re the person you work with). I really can’t understand when people try to claim marginalization. In a skewed way, ‘equality’ in our colonial/capitalist world is when everyone’s minds and everyone’s bodies have been equally colonized and commodified. Grreattt…

      I have no further comments between the relationship of film and novel excluding minority groups. Renee said it all!


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